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History, a living document

The Rialto Amateur Radio Club is chartered under the umbrella of the City of Rialto Fire Department. We are a group of Fire Department Emergency Communications (EmComm) Service volunteers. Our duties are to provide backup or Emergency Communications Service (ECS) in the event of an emergency. We are also activated, as emergency staffing is required, to provide an array of support to the Fire Department.

Capt. Bob Romo, KI6OPF, and Captain Eric Hron, KI6QHG are credited with resurrecting the club. KI6OPF was the one who suggested the need for an emergency communications group/club within the fire department. Once Captain Eric Hron obtained his amateur radio license, he was assigned as EmComm liaison. In March of 2009, post cards were mailed to local hams and the first meeting was attended by six volunteers.

In 2010 we affiliated with the ARRL and sponsored our first Field Day. Members are also active in various other local clubs and EmComm services. These included, ARRL, Volunteer Examiners, SATERN, Skywarn, Motorcycle ARC (MARC), Fontana ARC, and CERT. We hope to plant and mentor a radio club in the Rialto Unified School District in 2011.

In July 2011 Capt. Hron retired from the RFD. He remains an active club member. Engineer Ron Romo, KJ6QAA, was assigned as the new club liaison. Ron is a new ham and is the brother of KI6OPF. Both are assigned to fire station 201.

August 2011, The RUSD radio room is opoerational on two meters and has two computers to be used for training and running Echolink. The (adult) advisory board is now forming and will mentor students in selecting a student board to run all aspects of the club.